My Chrush was a Monster BoyEdit

-A personal Theory by Fanae1017Edit

The song "My chrush was a monster boy is a song that came out sometime in 2012 it became farely popular but never really got any explanation about what is actaully going on in the song. Some people might see the song as just what it gives us a song about a girl having a chrush on a boy who happens to have a monster so on and so fourth. After carfully looking at the lyrics and looking at the images in the PV I've found it may be deeper than that.

The song starts off with a little girl (Gumi) who has often heard rumors  
My crush was a monster boy by satoukimura-d4xqept
about a new kid who happens to be a animal caretaker.This part is as simple as it can get and does'nt really stand for anything.

After observng the boy she notices he always walks alone and desides to follow him. From there she find a "Monster". After thinking a while I've found that the word monster could stand for a personality that we as people don't like or accept. The lyrics inforce this theory when the boy says "Keep it a secret okay". Gumi spends time with the boy over summer break and learns to accept the "monster" and even feeds him popcicles.

When the song mentions feeding the monster I think of it as Gumi giving the boy feedback saying that his personality is good the way it is which can be interpreted as "feeding on to something". Now there is only a day left until school break is over and as Gumi and the boy are feeding the monster the monster eats the boy.I believe that when the "monster' eats the boy it is basically him letting his true personality shine.

This is supported when Gumi says "Is that really you?" and the monster replies "Yes it is me" which is showing that the boy is alive and still has control he is just showing her his true self. So then when they go back to school everyone is scared and people start attacking the monster with military tanks and helicopters. I think that this is really people being unaccepting of him and there for being scared and attacking or basically shunning  him.

Even with all this by the end of the song Gumi stays by him and braces for what they will go through so one would asume she stayed by his side. Thus ending the song.

-If you like my theory like to correct me on something or just want to share your own be sure to comment and contribute to the wiki please and thank you

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